NIKE adventure stories

Leftmost column

 The country laycliusion, in the savage mountains place but.

 High walls cover the ouiontry, so you can took inside from the outside abroom fries over. hot rocks under the sun cutting p through the warm air.

 Git is a high wall which was originally made by sk having a mountain when I looked down a little io saw the gate I'll send aub**** there.

 *****a country in very wk***d place but it's nevpr ** eir way, of being carol * ul not to accid eyoln ter it a country like l this wou, ld never come her without special cicuruestanses

Second column from the left

 the moment I passed the gate I leaned my head.

 Qecause there were two strange signs line duptd here, is one sign boar with the wizard on the arerbroom wrapped, in arcle next to them are atriane soldiers walking around in a triangle but the answer as soon as I loosed.

 Kup was that, the wizard was flying about ner the crowsed brikpl uses thought so it is a rule i unique to. acoury reionly wizard sar seem so hllowed to enter, thountreems like only.

 Lhandful of peope fly around the sky and walk on the ground.

 imnders tood the aningo



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